Medway Velo Open 10

The first open time trial since lockdown hosted by Medway Velo boasted a sold out quality field of top contenders ready to do battle over 10-miles to see who could cover the ground in the fastest time possible.

Starting at Ham Street, Ashford at 6.30am on Sunday, 9 August 2020 the riders headed out into a strong headwind before negotiating two roundabouts and turning for the chequered flag. Conditions were far from perfect with most riders facing some heavy rain for good measure.

This was the first real test for competitors in Kent to see if their lockdown training had improved their fitness and speed from the previous season. The times returned suggest the time spent in pain caves across the region paid off.

Chris Fennell of the Independent Pedaler dominated the field completing the course in a incredible 18mins 11secs some 90 seconds ahead of his brother Nic Fennell of Thanet RC who returned a time of 19mins 44secs. The third step on the podium was filled by Neil Harris of Southborough and District Wheelers who also broke the 20 minute mark with a ride of 19min 49secs.

The competition in the ladies competition was just as fierce and the only lady in the field to duck under the 23 minute mark was Lisa Davis of Trainsharp with 22mins 58secs. Hot on her heels and one to watch for the future was 13-year-old Carys Lloyd of VCL taking 2nd overall and winning the girls junior competition. The VCL colours were to make a second showing on the women’s podium with 16-year-old Amber Junker Brameld getting out and back in 23mins 55secs.

Several riders opted to ride the course on road bikes rather the time trial bikes and though included in the full results they had their own prize category also. The men’s event was won by Irfan Zaman of Bigfoot CC who rode a 21min 7sec closely followed by Neil Lauder of Artic Aircon RT in 21min 15secs.

In the ladies road bike event Grace Dent of Project 51 took the win in 24mins 51secs with Tracey Wilkinson Begg of TWB On Time RT in 27mins 42secs.

There were three riders forward for the hosting club Medway Velo. Bragging rights for first MVC home went to Lee Kingston who completed the course in 22mins 23secs. Next back was Alex Cook in 24mins dead. Third back was Sally Smith who was was pleased with her ride of 26mins 17secs.

Organiser Phil Booth said: ‘Due to the Covid-19 restrictions we had a lot to contend with in terms of organisation and I was encouraged by riders who listened to the guidelines, remained socially distanced and respected the restrictions imposed, as failure to do so could have dire consequences not just in terms of health but also the future of racing.

‘The racers certainly rewarded us by putting on an excellent show with some speedy and entertaining rides.

‘I would like to say a big thank you to the marshals, time keepers and helpers who all donned face masks for some 3 hours – without them there is no race.’


The full result:
Christopher Fennell The Independent Pedaler 18:11
Nicholas Fennell Thanet RC 19:44
Neil Harris Southborough & Dist.Whs 19:49
Ryan Christensen Hunt /Canyon DHB p/b Soreen 20:14
Oliver Hurdle University of Southampton 20:28
Brett Davis trainSharp 20:32
Alexander Ballinger Farnborough & Camberley CC 20:33
Joe Austin Sheppey Velo 20:37
Colin McDermott Festival RC 20:39
Jacob Storey Partenza-Nude Espresso RT 20:42
Alex Pearson Woolwich CC 20:44
Kevin Tye VeloRefined Rule 5 20:44
Paul Burrows Thanet RC 20:51
Chris Jones Bynea Cycling Club 20:52
Bill Hawkes Thanet RC 20:55
Nathan Russell trainSharp 20:56
Harry Ives trainSharp development team 20:56
Irfan Zaman Bigfoot CC 21:07
Nik Allen Worthing Excelsior CC 21:08
Mark Hill VeloRefined Rule 5 21:12
Nick Wilson Rye & District Wheelers CC 21:13
Martin Jones Colour Tech RT 21:14
Neil Lauder Arctic Aircon RT 21:15
James Hawkins Gemini BC 21:24
Neil Harrigan Gemini BC 21:24
Tim Kingston GS Invicta – Eye Level Optical- Herbert Cycles 21:25
Steve Gooch Rye & District Wheelers CC 21:25 Ian Bray Addiscombe CC 21:25
Lance Childs trainSharp development team 21:27
Nick Elson Woolwich CC 21:31
Keith Brown Southborough & Dist. Whs 21:32
Simon Church trainSharp 21:36
Jonathan Pontin Addiscombe CC 21:38
Antony Bee Wigmore CC 21:40
Paul Smith VeloRefined Rule 5 21:43
James Griffin trainSharp 21:45
Stephen Wilkinson TWB – On Time Race Team 21:48
Mark Doxey Abellio – SFA Racing Team 21:51
Richard Burchett Lewes Wanderers 21:51
Mark Newton Elite Cycling 21:54
Tom Rowing Abellio – SFA Racing Team 21:54
Samuel Robinson Ashford Whs 21:55
Adrian Hawkins Thanet RC 21:59
Pete Elms Colour Tech RT 22:05
Colin Newton Thanet RC 22:08
Mark Cain Army Cycling 22:12
Scott Beard Shaftesbury CC 22:16
Sam Fuller 7Oaks Tri Club 22:17
Mathew Lister Folkestone Velo Club 22:18
Richard Birtwhistle Sydenham Wheelers 22:20
Mark Houlden 34 Nomads CC 22:20
Lee Kingston Medway Velo Club 22:23
Anthony Attwood Project 51 22:24
Michael Ashcroft West Kent RC 22:26
Daniel Lloyd VC de Londres 22:30
Stuart Baldwin TWB – On Time Race Team 22:33
David Hampton Ashford Whs 22:35
Andy Branson Ashford Whs 22:38
David Greenwood Rye & District Wheelers CC 22:44
Jeremy Parker Metropolitan Police Cycle Club 22:44
Alex Milne Ashford Tri Club 22:47
Richard Payn 34 Nomads CC 22:53
Andrew Quye Southborough & Dist. Whs 22:55
Lisa Davis trainSharp 22:58
James Leach Imperial Racing Team 22:59
Carys Lloyd VC de Londres 23:00
Ryan Edwards Ashford Whs 23:01
Mark Thomas Bigfoot CC 23:15
Andy Robinson Ashford Whs 23:16
Neil Gerrard Folkestone Velo Club 23:20
Nathan Wood Sheppey Velo 23:33
Matt Newing Ashford Road CC 23:40
Neal Watson 7Oaks Tri Club 23:50
Luke Holland Gemini BC 23:52
Bruce English Eastbourne Rovers 23:55
Amber Junker Brameld VC de Londres 23:55
Alexander Cook Medway Velo Club 24:00
Chris Fry San Fairy Ann CC 24:04
Mick Claydon Ashford Whs 24:08
Rebecca Wilson Rye & District Wheelers CC 24:11
David Prom San Fairy Ann CC 24:16
Colin Ashcroft West Kent RC 24:25
Pritesh Patel Ashford Road CC 24:26
Danny Frost Folkestone Velo Club 24:28
David Bishop Wigmore CC 24:30
Laurence Toombs West Kent RC 24:34
Jerry Keen Eastbourne Rovers 24:45
Annette Nixon Folkestone Velo Club 24:45
Geoff Wiles Abellio – SFA Racing Team 24:47
Grace Dent Project 51 24:50
Christopher Bax Thanet RC 24:57
Gary Ricks Woolwich CC 25:16
Mark Vowells (Tricycle) CC Bexley 25:31
Debbie Percival Kent Velo Girls/Boys 25:45
Kate Savage Gravesend CC 25:47
Roger Wilson Thornton Road Club 26:08
Sally Smith Medway Velo Club 26:17
Duncan Cochrane 7Oaks Tri Club 26:36
Mick James Kassei CC TeknoFuel 26:36
Valerie Place 7Oaks Tri Club 26:40
Natasha Jarman Southborough & Dist.Whs 26:47
Lee Smith Ashford Road CC 27:20
Tracy WilkinsonBegg TWB – On Time Race Team 27:42
Eva Zsigoova 27:45
Barbara Wiles Abellio – SFA Racing 27:55
Liz Sim MedwayTri 31:22
Ronnie Stone Islington CC TBC
Joshua Ballinger Preston Park Youth CC DNF
DNF Andew Meilak VeloRefined Rule 5 DNF

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