Medway Velo / Wigmore CC Inter Club time trial

Medway Velo / Wigmore CC Inter Club

Held on Q10/20

Wednesday 16th June 2021

1Rob KennisonMedway Velo Club23:23
2Keith WalkerWigmore CC23:29
3Matt NunnMedway Velo Club24:02
4Tom OdellWigmore CC24:13
5Steve SmithMedway Velo Club24:40
6Cameron CarthewWigmore CC24:44
7Alex CookMedway Velo Club24:51
8Andy HawesMedway Velo Club25:15
9Ed EverallWigmore CC25:20
10Mike StanleyMedway Velo Club25:30
11Julien BartonWigmore CC26:01
12Lee KingstonMedway Velo Club26:15
13Jamie HarrisWigmore CC26:20
14Kate SavageWigmore CC26:43
15Rob SappMedway Velo Club26:58
16Dave BishopWigmore CC27:14
17Daniel BerkhauerMedway Velo Club27:25
18Dave WastallWigmore CC27:50
19Steve BishopWigmore CC28:24

Medway Velo Club         2:27:41

Wigmore CC                       2:30:07

MVC Points Standings after 2 events

1Matt Nunn14
2Alex Cook11
3Rob Kennison9
4Mike Stanley8
5Steve Smith7
6Rob Sapp5
7Andy Hawes5
8Daniel Berkhauer3
9Lee Kingston3
10Nigel Wharton1

Thank you to everyone who rode and helped, from both clubs.

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