Weekend Update 4th July

Well done to Matt Nunn for his 6th place finish at the Oysterman Triathlon on Sunday, 4 July.

The velo raced well across the sprint distance to finish around the hour mark.

Also multi sporting was Lee Kingston who opted for a longer distance duathlon.

First he started with a 13 mile run which he completed in 2hr 4mins then a 57 mile (very) hilly bike that he finished in 3hrs 43mins followed up with a 7 mile run which took 1hr 3mins. Well done Lee.

On Saturday Rob Kennison rode open season at Herne Hill velodrome. Despite being up against a packed field of handy whipper snappers he achieved a few top ten finishes.

Friday saw Matt in action at Preston Park. In full field and a race that averaged over 25mph he finished 11th.

George Fisher also opened his account for the velo, completing the Wigmore CC evening 10 in 29 minutes exactly.

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