Evening 10 Result

Club time trial held on 4th August 2021 on Q10/20

1Antony BeeWigmore CC23:11
2Matt NunnMedway Velo24:03
3Phil ApplebyWigmore CC24:41
4Alex CookMedway Velo24:44
5Cameron CarthewWigmore CC25:17
6Julien BartonWigmore CC25:51
 Jamie HarrisWigmore CC25:51
8Steve HarmanWigmore CC26:31
9Kate SavageWigmore CC26:47
10Dave BishopWigmore CC27:23
11Steve BishopWigmore CC28:51

MVC Points Standings after 4 events

1Matt Nunn20
2Alex Cook16
3Rob Kennison11
4Mike Stanley8
5Steve Smith7
6Rob Sapp5
7Andy Hawes5
8Daniel Berkhauer3
9Lee Kingston3
10Tom Kennison2
11Nigel Wharton1
12George Fisher1

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