HSBC National Cyclo-Cross Championships

Rob Kennison  rode the HSBC British Cycling National Cyclocross Championships at the South of England Showground in Sussex on Saturday 8 January.

The course was very muddy with some difficult cambered sections and a huge wall of a run up. 

Rob started 82nd on the grid but made a good start and managed to slide his way past others through the mud, and ride a little further than some “had to run” sections.
He managed to complete the whole 4 lap, 13km race without incident and managed a satisfying 21st place in his age category. 

Afterwards Rob said: “I have never ridden such a challenging course in such difficult conditions, the mud was both slippery and sticky at the same time! Big thanks to Matt Nunn who was my pit man keeping my bikes clean and offering invaluable vocal advice.”

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