MVC Kent League races at Cyclopark

Saturday 20th August saw the velo promote the Kent Cycle Racing League races at the cyclopark at Gravesend.

Led by Matt Nunn three races were staged, the 3/4 women’s race was won by Steph Wheatley (Full Gas racing) ahead of Harriet Kefford, and the 4th category men’s race was taken by Chris Parsons-Green (Southborough Wheelers) ahead of Ben Durbridge and Edward Howard.

Velo’s Matt Nunn competed in the 3rd category race staying in the main bunch for the majority of the race before dropping back to finish 18th out of 30 starters. This race was won by Keke Orth (Maldon and District) from Liam McLaughlin and James Hawkins.

Thanks to those from the club who helped: Matt Nunn, Rob Kennison, Phil Booth, Rodney Kennison, Nigel Wharton, Keith Johnson, and Cameron Carthew.

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