Weekend update – 30 October

Seven velos took part in the Kent Cycling Associations annual reliability trial, held in the lanes on and around the Weald of Kent.

Opting for the 100km route, including a couple of challenging climbs of the High Weald Ridge, the velos split into two groups, Matt Nunn, Rachel Hartridge, and Martin Smith set the early pace and completed their ride in just under 4 hours, whilst the second group of Sally Smith, Mike Stanley, Cassie McGoldrick, and Phil Booth covered the 100km in just over the 4 hour mark. Cassie, gaining extra kudos for riding out and and back to her house as well.

Whilst the weather was inclement, with steady rain falling for almost all of the time that they were on the road, all remarked afterwards that it had been a good test of fitness and an excellent route.

Thank you to the KCA for organising the event, and raising funds for the local air ambulance in the process.

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